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Oct 8, 2019

Clay McLeod Chapman is the author of meta-horror thriller THE REMAKING (Quirk Books). The tragic campfire tale of a mother and daughter burned as witches haunts the imagination of a small town local – including a budding horror director. When child actress Amber Pendleton is cast in a '70s B-movie about the urban legend, it seems like a springboard to a Hollywood career. Instead, the traumatic events of the film follow her into a medication-saturated, cash-poor 1990s adulthood. She makes her living at third-rate horror conventions, signing photographs for too-eager fans who cannot separate Amber from her disastrous childhood. But when the story that destroyed her life comes calling – again and again – does Amber have any choice but to play a new, desperate part each time? THE REMAKING follows that backwoods ghost story from '70s horror flick to '90s auteur remake to modern day true crime podcast, each time asking – why do these tales consume us, and do we really care about the lives they ruin for our entertainment?