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Jun 5, 2017

Fictitious is a new podcast about writing and genre storytelling, presented by Nerd For A Living and hosted by Adron Buske.

We will delve into the storytelling process and business of writing for genre entertainment. And by genre, we mean all kinds of speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy, horror and supernatural, and all the category-bending and -blending stories in between.

Fictitious will focus on prose fiction, like novels and short stories, but we’ll also explore screenwriting for film and television, and scripting for other multimedia outlets, like audio dramas, graphic novels, games, and more. We’ll be talking to working and published authors, screenwriters, editors, and publishers to learn about writing for multiple platforms, and how to develop and sustain a career as a writer. These conversations will examine the craft, techniques, and work habits of passionate storytellers.