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Mar 25, 2020

Tricia Levenseller is the author of THE SHADOWS BETWEEN US (available now from Feiwel & Friends). It’s a young adult fantasy novel that’s been quite accurately described as a “Slytherin romance”.

It follows the charming and cunning Alessandra, the second daughter of mid-level nobility, for years left to pursue her own lusts and liaisons while her favored older sister awaited a suitor. Now of age and availability to be brought to society, Alessandra has her sights set on a singular target — the elusive and mysterious Shadow King, a young ruler wrapped in living darkness.

But Alessandra doesn’t just seek courtship — she desires nothing less than the throne and total control. She intends to steal the heart of the king — and then kill him — so she’ll have that throne all to herself. Because she isn’t just a confident and conniving would-be queen, she’s a murderer who killed her first love when he scorned her.

But she’s not the only person at court who wants to assassinate the Shadow King, and winning his true affections is an entirely complicated matter on its own.